Thursday, June 19, 2008

My first post

well, I have finally entered the blogging world. So, I guess I should start with a little about our family. Today was fairly uneventful. The baby moves a lot!!!!!! She is super active, but I love feeling her move around in my stomach, it is absolutely the most amazing thing ever. Callie is growing so much every day, I can't even believe it. She is fearless. She loves to play at the park and climb all over anything, no slide is too tall for her. She doesn't talk much, but when she does figure out a word, she says it over and over again. Our family is enjoying summer, now that it has finally arrived! Ryan is working hard at getting the swimming pool ready so we can have a fabulous summer splashing and playing in the pool! Our garden is going well, we really enjoy watching the plants grow and love to have home grown fruit and vegetables! Hopefully I can keep up with this and I will let everyone know how the baby is doing!