Monday, January 31, 2011


As I reach the one year anniversary of my last post, I feel inspired to update my fans, ok, mainly my mother as to the events of our life this past year. I have been informed on several occasions that a lot has happened so I should update. Again, thanks Mom!

We found out we were going to have another baby!! So excited!! My brother John and his wife Emily had a baby, finally making me an aunt! We went to Rexburg for the blessing and had a really nice time.

March: I GOT TO GO TO NEW YORK!!!! Oh my goodness, had so much on my girls trip with my sisters and mom. Ryan's parents came and helped him with the girls while I visited the city. We went all over town, sightseeing, eating, shopping, eating, shopping and had a great time. We celebrated six years of marriage, and bought a minivan. With the upcoming birth of number 3 and all of the babysitting that I do, the Rodeo just wasn't cutting the mustard. So Ryan bought the car while I was in New York. With my blessing. I hate car shopping. With a passion.

April: Easter. Thats about it. Slow month, but my recollection a mere 9 months later may be fuzzy.

May: We took a family trip to see Ryan's family in California. Callie got to go to Disneyland for the first time and LOVED IT!! We had a lot of fun at the Magic Kingdom, truly is magical! We found out number 3 was going to be a BOY!!!! Ryan smiled for like a week. Seriously, so excited for a son! I also ran a half marathon, it was awesome. I ran with my good friends Shannan and Emily who were so patient to run with a pregnant chick, but I had such a great time and am so glad that I did it.

June: Aunt Molly graduated from high school, last of my siblings to leave Freeman. FYI, the best high school graduation I have ever been to. Air conditioning, cushioned seats and short. Thank you class of 2010, the audience appreciates it. All of my siblings with the exception of Ty, because he is in Zimbabwe, all came home for Molly's big event, so we had a great time getting together and visiting, etc.

July: Ryan celebrated his birthday, 31. Worked in our garden and just played, enjoying summer.

August: Callie turned 4. I went to Girls Camp as a Third Year Assistant Level Leader and had a great time. Even with my gigantic stomach, seriously, HUGE, I enjoyed camp, the girls and the other lovely ladies I worked with. There is something special at Girls Camp, a feeling that you don't get many other places. The chance to feel the spirit and be close to your Savior surrounded by His creations. Truly amazing. Molly left for college. Maybe it was in September, can't remember all that well, but we were sad to see her go, but excited to watch her begin this new chapter in her life.

September: Peyton turned 2. Connor James Christensen was born September 25. He was 8lb 6oz and 21 inches. My biggest baby, but everything went smoothly with no complications and we loved him immediately. The girls loved him right from the beginning, even Peyton who I was a little worried about! Callie started pre-school with Teacher Rita and Teacher Kara and loved it right away. Peyton was very sad to see her best friend leave three days a week, she missed Callie and wanted to go with her, but needs to wait her turn! Callie also started dance, which my little drama queen loves.

October: Peyton finally started talking. Incredible. Now she doesn't stop. Ever. And my mom passed the Washington Bar. This is a picture of her swearing in at Gonzaga Law. We are all so proud of her and her accomplishments. And really happy she doesn't have to take it again!!

November: We had a wonderful visit from Ryan's mom, dad and uncle who came for Connor's blessing. John, Molly and my Uncle David and Aunt Donna were able to be there. Kip and Emily tried to get there, but just missed it, I think we were running a little early at church that day. Jane and Joe and Beau and Kelsey came home for Thanksgiving and we had so much fun. Got some family photos taken by the incredible Randi. Of course, Black Friday shopping was amazing as usual. My sweet Grandma watched the girls for me so we could make it to Target by 4 am. She truly is the best! We also enjoyed a record breaking snowfall for the month of November. Lucky us.

December: We celebrated the birth of our Savior and spent time with family over Christmas. We all went out to the farm and spent a few days with family. We ate, watched movies, played the Wii and enjoyed spending time together. Callie had her first dance recital and did a fantastic job.

January: We took another family trip to California to go to Disneyland. This time, my mom and both my sisters joined us. We had so much fun. My dad decided to not go, so there were eight of us and we decided that we could all squeeze into the van. Yes, you are doing the math correctly, eight people, seven passenger van. Plus stuff. However, we managed to squeeze everything and everyone into the car and drove through the frigid cold to Utah where we picked up Jane and traversed the rest of the journey in the warming temperatures to California. We spent three days at Disneyland, one day at the San Diego Zoo and the girls went shopping one day. Ryan and my mom also did a deep sea fishing expedition. Mom decided that she enjoyed the water, but not necessarily in the cold doing some fishing. Callie is a roller coaster, theme park junkie. I think I will do a separate post about D-land. We also had a major family change last week. Ryan was accepted to begin a nursing program in Boise, Idaho, so he started last Monday for the 11 month program. He will be living in Boise, and the kids and I are staying in Spokane, with Ryan coming home when it is possible. Hard adjustment and we miss him, but he is doing a good thing for our family and the reward is worth the sacrifice.