Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doctor Stats

I have decided to enroll Callie in kindergarten for this upcoming school year. She is going to be quite young, but I think she will do fine. Socially, she will be right there no problem. She is a little small, but athletics isn't really her thing and academically she is good to go. Anyway, we are trying to choice into Chester, and we are currently in there, but they can deny us admission until October 15, so we are crossing our fingers!! Anyway, I took Callie to get her kindergarten shots when Connor had his six month check-up. Two birds, one stone. Anyway, every day for the week before, she would say, "what day is it Mommy?" I would answer with the appropriate day then she would say, "ooooh, Monday is coming soon, and then I am going to have to get my kindergarten shots!" said with much moaning and trepidation. However, she was a trooper and did a great job. She was rewarded with five stickers and a milkshake. She was so sweet and even made sure she got stickers for Peyton. Always looking out for her sister! The stats are as follows: Callie, four and a half years old; 37 pounds-50% 42" tall-50% BP 80/46 (guess thats ok for a 4 yr old) Connor, six months old; 21lb 1 oz-95% 28"-90% Head 44 1/2 cm The question is, at what point will Connor be the same size as Callie? I would say by his second birthday!

Learning to Sit

So, I have really been trying to get Con-Man to sit, but have been having a hard time. Part of that might be attributed to the fact that he has quite a big belly. So, he doesn't have the best balance, so my awesome friend loaned me her baby seat, which her two year old daughter can still sit in, but Con is squeezed in there. Seriously, I have to pull it off his tush. But he loves it! He watched a movie with the girls while I cleaned the kitchen.

Happy Guy!

Another picture Mom?

Just going to watch my show, thanks!

Giddyup Horsey

My girls love their rocking horses. We had one that I think we got at a garage sale or something and then a friend of mine pawned hers off on us, insisting that we needed it. Turns out, its a good thing we have two! So, Peyton will always yell, "Giddyup" sometimes on the horse, sometimes not. So, my mom and dad were in Montana a couple of weeks ago and my mom was sure the girls would love cowgirl hats, so she brought them back for the girls. And guess who was the horse?

Can't tell yet?

It's Aunt Molly!!

We wouldn't want Con-Man to feel left out, so he is wearing Callie's purple cowBOY hat.

A Budding Photographer

Callie loves to take the camera and take lots of pictures. Some pictures are not so fantastic, such as the twelve pictures of the mike and ike candies. Or the wall. The floor. The TV. You get the idea. However, once in a while, she gets something truly awesome.

Too bad my dad never checks my blog. Otherwise, he might say something about me sharing this amazing picture of him with the world. Enjoy everyone!


Peyton talks about ghosts all the time, not sure where the idea was put into her silly little head, but whatever. So the other day the hamper was out and she put it on her head and laughed, saying that she was a ghost.

Funny girl makes me laugh.