Friday, October 31, 2008


So, Callie has a catch phrase. Yup, "Oh, Man!" She says it all the time now! Her first time saying it was on Saturday. My mom was here and she was downstairs with both of the girls and Callie had a waterbottle and it fell, so she watched the water spill out of it and just said, "Oh, man!" Since that incident she says it all the time! It is so funny, I guess she picked it up from me, although I didn't realize I said it that much, but in her little voice with this real inflection at the end, the first time I heard her say it, I laughed my head off. I am sure as she continues talking more, there should be more exciting words to come!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ok, so thanks to my awesome friends, I am now the proud owner of a double stroller! Thanks to everyone, that was the sweetest gift, and I really appreciate it. I went and picked out the one that I want and Ryan being the awesome dad that he is, put it together for us on Saturday.

I love our stroller and so does Callie. After she got in, when it wasn't quite put together yet, she wouldn't get out! She loved it so much and then she made us hurry and put Peyton in the front. We were in the basement, so Ryan and I had to carry the stroller with the girls in it up the stairs and out because Callie was not getting out. So we decided to go for a walk and I thought we could go over to the church and watch Molly play volleyball. Well, by the time we actually made it there, she had finished and already left the church, but nonetheless we had a fabulous time and again, we love our stroller! Now, I just have to hope that Callie will continue to love the stroller and stay in it, instead of feeling the need to get down and run all around, like a crazy person!

30 pounds!

Well, if you had been spying through my basement window for the last 45 minutes you would have seen me throwing my body all around the room in an attempt to get excercise and lose some weight. You see, my beloved little Peyton was so sweet to give me the craving for Zip's fries on a regular basis as she was cooking in the oven, so 50 pounds later here I am paying for those fattening albeit delicious fries. So, I am down 20, thanks to actually giving birth, but I have a persistent 30 more pounds to go, so I am giving you all an idea of the great lengths I am going to return to my normal body. His name is Tony Horton. Yes, beach body workouts are my friend or foe. Tony forces me to kick, punch, do yoga, hop, lift my knees and other fairly entertaining moves. But, he promises a beach body in 90 days. Hmmm, I am just not sure it's going to work, so in addition I am running my little heart out. Yup, Chari and I are meeting in the morning to get a move on. So, my 30 pounds is not going to be staring me in the face forever, I am going to lose it and I want to run the SLC half marathon in April.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, things are going well in the Christensen household, well, at this moment, Callie is in timeout for throwing the camera on the ground, so she isn't doing so well, but overall, we are loving our new baby. I will bore you all with a few of our family anectodes, because I want to remember them later, but lets face it, I think these things are so cute but the only reason I remember them now is because I wrote them on a post it on the fridge. Pathetic, I know. So, into cyberspace they go.

We absolutely love our new baby and her and Callie are so cute. If Peyton starts to fuss, Callie has to go find her and see what she can do, that usually involves taking her pacifier and looking at her or patting her. She loves to give her kisses, but she puckers her lips and hovers over head until you say its ok to kiss, I love it! It's really cute to see them, Callie wants to play with Peyton and I think they will be friends. Oh, and Callie loves to give her high fives, it's great, except when she does it when the baby is sleeping, not so great.

Ok, so Callie is not the best talker, she makes upwords for most things which only resemble the real word. So a couple of weeks ago the girls and I were sitting in the living room and Callie goes to the window and starts YELLING Apa, Apa, Apa. So, I have no idea what she is yelling about, so I look out the window and I see my parents, well, Apa is her word for Grandpa, it was so cute, IU think my dad really liked it! So now we are teaching her to call my mom GG, because she doen't say Grandma. Later that night, we were all in the living room, and Callie starts to sing her primary songs which she loves! Book of Mormon Stories and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes are her favorites. So, she sings Head and Shoulders, only she does it super fast and she pretty much just touches her face all over and then bursts out laughing, it was so funny! So, she does this quite a big now because she loves to perform for an audience and especially get a reaction!

Well, our little family is doing well, we are looking forward to Peyton's blessing on the 12th with a visit from Ryan's family and my brothers and sister coming home for the weekend! Here are some more pictures of the girls!
Look at that hair! Help me! My child looks like such a ragamuffin! Some of you do such cute hair, I need your secrets!