Monday, October 27, 2008

30 pounds!

Well, if you had been spying through my basement window for the last 45 minutes you would have seen me throwing my body all around the room in an attempt to get excercise and lose some weight. You see, my beloved little Peyton was so sweet to give me the craving for Zip's fries on a regular basis as she was cooking in the oven, so 50 pounds later here I am paying for those fattening albeit delicious fries. So, I am down 20, thanks to actually giving birth, but I have a persistent 30 more pounds to go, so I am giving you all an idea of the great lengths I am going to return to my normal body. His name is Tony Horton. Yes, beach body workouts are my friend or foe. Tony forces me to kick, punch, do yoga, hop, lift my knees and other fairly entertaining moves. But, he promises a beach body in 90 days. Hmmm, I am just not sure it's going to work, so in addition I am running my little heart out. Yup, Chari and I are meeting in the morning to get a move on. So, my 30 pounds is not going to be staring me in the face forever, I am going to lose it and I want to run the SLC half marathon in April.


Live everyday to its fullest said...


Chari said...

Good for you! I wish that I could say I only had 30lbs to loose after giving birth! I'm so glad to have running partner that can go at 7:00, we'll get the weight off together!