Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, things are going well in the Christensen household, well, at this moment, Callie is in timeout for throwing the camera on the ground, so she isn't doing so well, but overall, we are loving our new baby. I will bore you all with a few of our family anectodes, because I want to remember them later, but lets face it, I think these things are so cute but the only reason I remember them now is because I wrote them on a post it on the fridge. Pathetic, I know. So, into cyberspace they go.

We absolutely love our new baby and her and Callie are so cute. If Peyton starts to fuss, Callie has to go find her and see what she can do, that usually involves taking her pacifier and looking at her or patting her. She loves to give her kisses, but she puckers her lips and hovers over head until you say its ok to kiss, I love it! It's really cute to see them, Callie wants to play with Peyton and I think they will be friends. Oh, and Callie loves to give her high fives, it's great, except when she does it when the baby is sleeping, not so great.

Ok, so Callie is not the best talker, she makes upwords for most things which only resemble the real word. So a couple of weeks ago the girls and I were sitting in the living room and Callie goes to the window and starts YELLING Apa, Apa, Apa. So, I have no idea what she is yelling about, so I look out the window and I see my parents, well, Apa is her word for Grandpa, it was so cute, IU think my dad really liked it! So now we are teaching her to call my mom GG, because she doen't say Grandma. Later that night, we were all in the living room, and Callie starts to sing her primary songs which she loves! Book of Mormon Stories and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes are her favorites. So, she sings Head and Shoulders, only she does it super fast and she pretty much just touches her face all over and then bursts out laughing, it was so funny! So, she does this quite a big now because she loves to perform for an audience and especially get a reaction!

Well, our little family is doing well, we are looking forward to Peyton's blessing on the 12th with a visit from Ryan's family and my brothers and sister coming home for the weekend! Here are some more pictures of the girls!
Look at that hair! Help me! My child looks like such a ragamuffin! Some of you do such cute hair, I need your secrets!


The DeMarcos said...

I do Adona's hair in the sink, right after her bath, because she will turn the water on. I also use spray in conditioner to get the tangles out. She isn't as big or have as much hair, but the mom that gave me the idea has a bigger girl then you do. HA!! Adona has no problems with me doing her hair now and hopefully it stays that way. The sink keeps them confined and entertained, work fast!