Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Those Moments

You know those moments that you love, that make it all worth it, that seriously want to make you cry because you love it so much! I had one of those Sunday morning. It was incredible. I woke up at like 8 (first part of the wonderful!) because Peyton had woke up so I went downstairs where she has been banished to get her. On my way I could hear Callie in her room PLAYING BY HERSELF, second part of wonderful! So I went downstairs and got Peyton, brought her upstairs and fixed a bottle and went back into the bedroom to feed her in my nice warm bed. About five minutes later, Callie comes into my room and says "hi mommy" and was all smiles. The saw Peyton and said "hi baby" and climbed up into bed. Then Callie leaned down and was hugging Peyton and sang her Little Einsteins song, You are my friend, I love you. She sang it to her several times and just hugged Peyton. It was the sweetest thing. In ten or twelve years, I want to have this story printed and have them read it and remind them they love each other! Everything is worth it, even if things are kind of tough sometimes!

Friday, February 6, 2009


My mom says its all my fault if Callie becomes a diva. She has more clothes than any child should have, multiple shoes, her sunglasses, I think you get the picture. So, she loves to wear her sunglasses and carry around my purse. The other day I told her we had to go to the doctor's so we needed to get ready to go. This is what I got:

Oh, yes. She is wearing her sunglasses, my purse, and a crown. Yup, the crown for my birthday that she has been wearing now for a week. After we got downstairs and she got her coat on, she folded the sunglasses up, put them in the purse and headed out to the car. Still wearing the crown. To the doctors office. Ah, I love my cute girl! Needless to say we received a few comments. And lots of looks. I am almost afraid of all the tricks that Peyton will learn so quickly!