Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peyton is sitting!

Peyton is finally sitting up all on her own. Well, she has been for a couple of weeks, but I kept forgetting to take some pictures, so I finally got that taken care of today. She is so funny, she wouldn't sit up for the longest time, and then one day she just sat there and has been great ever since. She was so cute in nursery on sunday, we were in there just filling in for an hour and Pey just sat there checking out all the kids, and they came over and tried to play with her, it was really cute.

In case you all are wondering about Callie's ensemble, she has decided she likes dress up after playing with her friend Alex. The best effect was in person, but you get the idea. There is furry stuff at the bottom of the legs. Oh my.

Prayer Time

Callie is growing up. A couple of days ago she was having some spaghetti-os for a snack, but she folded her arms for us to pray. So I sat down to say prayers and she said her name, so I asked if she wanted to pray. She said ok, and I helped her and she prayed for the first time, and has prayed every time since then. It is so sweet, she actually does a pretty good job saying all the words back. I love it! She has learned at least one thing that we have been trying to teach her!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rock Star

So, the girls and I were at Target getting a birthday present this morning and Callie is wandering the aisles looking for a present and we passed the endstand of Disney novelty toys. Well, I saw a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einstein stuff that I thought for sure she would be loving, but I was wrong. Oh no, she went for the Hannah Montana microphone. And it sings. A lot. So, foolish me got the microphone for her because she loves to sing and dance so much, and she has played with it the whole day. She loves it, she sings along and loves that the microphone lights up. All I have to say is American Idol watch out, Callie just might hit your stage in a few years!

5 Years

Today is mine and Ryan's five year anniversary. Holy cow, I can't even believe that we have been married for five years. Lots has happened in that time. We both graduated from college, moved six times, had two kids, bought a house, gone on two cruises, been employed, been unemployed and have loved each other through the whole thing! I am so lucky to have such a fantastic husband who works so hard for our family. We are so blessed to have been sealed in the temple and have our beautiful daughters sealed to us. Ryan is a fantastic husband and father, he is so sweet to me and he loves our girls. I am thankful for the last five years and anxiously look forward to the next five and more!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gigi and Callie

Callie loves when people come over. So much. And she loves her Gigi (my mom). We started calling her Gigi, because these girls are so lucky to have so many grandmas in their lives. On my side, both of my grandmas are alive, plus my mom and on Ryan's side, his dad's mom and Ryan's mom, so to say there could be confusion would be an understatement, so I have been trying to think of different ways for her to tell the difference. Anyway, back on point. My mom's birthday was a couple of weeks ago so we had a little party for her at our house, and she got some lipstick and necklaces. Callie wanted to try them out.

Here are just a couple more pictures of the buddies!

Of course the Einstein piano had to make its appearance. That toy goes everywhere with Callie, its her security blanket. We go through batteries like crazy!!!

Pey Pey

Ok, Our sweet Peyton is growing so much, she had her six month check up on Friday, she weighs 16lbs 2oz, so actually not as much as I thought, but she is still solid! She is the smiliest little thing, so happy! Since I banished her to the basement she sleeps through the night no problem, sometimes she wakes up a little early in the morning, ya know, like 5:30 a.m., but she is such a great sleeper now! She is getting better about sitting up. I think her belly was so big that she was off balance, but she is starting to stretch out a little bit more, so she has better balance. She adores Callie, just watches her and laughs at her and Callie is so sweet to play with her and try to tickle her. I love it! I tried giving her bananas this morning and for the first time she closed her mouth when food was being offered. She didn't care for them so much, but she loves sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and really any other vegetable that she is offered. Feeding time at the zoo is always entertaining. We love Peyton, I thank Heavenly Father for her every day!

This last picture deserves an explaination. When I took her in for her check up, Dr. Morgan told me that she has thrush, so I have to giver the gentian violet. Yup, I have never seen a mouth this purple. The picture doesn't quite do it justice it is something to behold!

Best Friends

Callie and Sam Lodge are the cutest little friends. Callie just adores him and Sam is so sweet to Callie and is always so nice to her. Chari was such a sweetheart and watched the girls for Ryan and I on Valentines Day so we could go to dinner and she took these darling pictures!

Callie made Sam a valentine, but I think she wanted to hold it!

So I watched her boys yesterday so Chari and Joe could go to dinner last night and they were taking pictures with the play cell phone so I asked them if they wanted me to take a really picture, smile cheese, as Callie likes to call it.

They were having a lot of fun playing yesterday, but Chari had a lot more luck getting them to actually look at the camera and smile. Hmm, I guess I need some more practice!

10 Pounds!

Thats right, I have only 10 pounds to go!!!!! I am sure hoping these last clinging pounds are gone by my brothers wedding next month, so I have less than six weeks to kick it into gear, yikes, when I put it that way, pretty scary!!!!


So I am such a slacker, I made this goal to update my blog more, however, I have not been successful. So for all you lucky souls who check this out, ready for an onslaught of the Christensen family so I can catch up on everything that I have wanted to blog about!