Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gigi and Callie

Callie loves when people come over. So much. And she loves her Gigi (my mom). We started calling her Gigi, because these girls are so lucky to have so many grandmas in their lives. On my side, both of my grandmas are alive, plus my mom and on Ryan's side, his dad's mom and Ryan's mom, so to say there could be confusion would be an understatement, so I have been trying to think of different ways for her to tell the difference. Anyway, back on point. My mom's birthday was a couple of weeks ago so we had a little party for her at our house, and she got some lipstick and necklaces. Callie wanted to try them out.

Here are just a couple more pictures of the buddies!

Of course the Einstein piano had to make its appearance. That toy goes everywhere with Callie, its her security blanket. We go through batteries like crazy!!!