Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rock Star

So, the girls and I were at Target getting a birthday present this morning and Callie is wandering the aisles looking for a present and we passed the endstand of Disney novelty toys. Well, I saw a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einstein stuff that I thought for sure she would be loving, but I was wrong. Oh no, she went for the Hannah Montana microphone. And it sings. A lot. So, foolish me got the microphone for her because she loves to sing and dance so much, and she has played with it the whole day. She loves it, she sings along and loves that the microphone lights up. All I have to say is American Idol watch out, Callie just might hit your stage in a few years!


Mike and Debbie said...

Your family is so dang cute! I love your pictures=)