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Friday, June 26, 2009


We are so lucky to have strawberry plants in our backyard garden, thanks Lisa and Ryan! Our family LOVES fresh strawberries. No more words sn

Flag Day

I took my girls to the Fairfield Flag Day Parade for the first time this year, and it was so much fun! Molly had stayed at my house Friday night, so she went with me, because Ryan had a couple other obligations. So, we got all our supplies, snacks, water, stroller, diapers, etc. and loaded up the car and went on out. Of course we were a little late, so I was pleased with the parking spot we got, just on the other side of the park. We walked over to main street and found an empty spot towards the end of the parade and got to see almost all of it, we just missed the Liberty High School band.

When I was growing up, they always threw candy at the parade, but I wasn't sure if they still did, so I didn't say anything to Callie, I just told her that we were going to a parade to see all the beautiful princesses. Well, sure enough, they started throwing candy and she was so excited. The people in the parade thought her and Peyton were super cute, so they got a lot of candy thrown just to Callie, because she was the only kid in our little area.

The sweet older couple next to us were scooping up the candy and giving it to Callie too. So, I of course, forgot to bring a bag for her loot, but that same couple pulled out a Fred Meyer bag for us. Thanks! We were able to see lots of princesses, fire trucks, horses, a couple of floats and a lot of old cars! Callie kept picking up the candy, playing "catch" is what she called it. About three quarters of the way through the parade, another little girl came and was taking all of the candy that got thrown, and so Callie was getting upset, because she wasn't as fast as this other girl, who was probably about 6. So, our sweet friend next to us was scurrying around getting all the candy he could to give to Callie, it was cute. After the parade we played on the playground in the park for awhile. Callie's favorite thing to do at this park was the carousel thing. They climb on and then someone pushes it around in a circle. Yuck. Those things make me sick, but Callie sat on there for 20-30 minutes and then when I made her finally get off, she just hopped off and ran on like no big deal. After that, we got ice cream to try and cool off from the HOT day. We had a great time and I am so glad that we could go this year. We can't wait to go next year!

Callie showing off some of her candy, the licorice, her favorite!

Peyton in the stroller.

Oooh, pretty!

The candy stash.

Molly and Peyton.

The Fairfield Flag float.

Callie covered in ice cream being a little grumpy.

Peyton covered in Molly's shebert. She LOVES ice cream.

Molly with her ice cream. Yum!

The Great Project

Ok, so I can't move the above picture, so it stays.

Alright, my mom decided to change up their house quite a bit, so I wanted to post some pictures so everyone could see the changes, its amazing! The above picture is the carpet. Needless to say, they are getting new carpet put in, well deserved too! All the paneling got taken down and drywall put up on all the walls. The ceilings were retextured, old carpet pulled up and everything PAINTED. That is what I helped with, the painting.

This was the gigantic load of garbage that we hauled out of the house. Oh, and this was just from the painting, that isn't even all the old paneling.

Just a quick photo of the living half way through the project. Yes, we forgot to take before pictures.
This is a view down the hall to the back door. Previously, wall paper, now, painted a light blue, can't remember the shade now, but they are going to put up bead board, I think it is going to look amazing!
View from Kitchen into the Living Room. Again, note the furniture. The fam was basically living in the kitchen and the upstairs.

View from the bathroom hallway into the former TV Room and Beau's room. Note the bare wood floors. We ripped up the carpet, LOTS of staples to remove. That was my job. yuck.

Mom's accent wall. Yes, it is purple, but much calmer than the purple she picked out first. The other one was more a royal purple, like UW purple. Yikes. But this looks really nice, the lighter color is also a light shade of purple, but it actually goes awesome together.

Another view of the bathroom hallway.

The new back door. It's an awesome door, Mom is especially excited about the shade inside the window. Neat.

Another view of the door from the outside. With my reflection.

Beau and I in the former TV room. He threw himself on me very unannounced. Love my lil bro. Ok, not so little, maybe just younger bro.

The TV room is now the piano room. Hmmm, with Jane gone who is going to play the piano? I guess just Callie.

The living room view into the kitchen. Also down to barewood waiting for the carpet.

Again, the living room.

And Beau's room. Wow, is that blue? It's a little bright, but when you are in there, it feels like you are on the beach looking at the ocean.

Well, a very time consuming project that isn't quite done yet, but the house is looking awesome and my mom is really excited!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who's Feeding the Baby?

I made the mistake of leaving the applesauce and a spoon on the kitchen table with Peyton in the high chair.  I was moving around the kitchen, getting it all cleaned up and I noticed some laughing and talking at the table and I looked over and what did I see?

Callie figured Peyton was hungry and fed her the rest of the applesauce!  She is such a good big sister and always wants to help me with her.  She like to feed her and lately enjoys trying to dress her.  Peyton doesn't enjoy that activity as much as Callie, so I am sure you can all guess what I am going to hunt for to get for Callie for her birthday!  

First Teeth!

Peyton is finally getting some teeth, at 9 1/2 months!  Ok, I took these pictures a few days ago, they are way more visible now, but she is getting a top eye tooth and a bottom front tooth.  I hope some more come soon because if she just has those two, she is going to look a little lopsided.

Aunts Come to Visit.

Aunt Karley with Peyton and Grandma Hansen in the background.

Aunt Tracie and Callie.  Tracie knew what to do to try and warm up to Callie, so she was reading her stories.  Callie started rather far away from Tracie, but scooted closer and closer the longer she sat there.  We can't wait to see you again Tracie!