Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who's Feeding the Baby?

I made the mistake of leaving the applesauce and a spoon on the kitchen table with Peyton in the high chair.  I was moving around the kitchen, getting it all cleaned up and I noticed some laughing and talking at the table and I looked over and what did I see?

Callie figured Peyton was hungry and fed her the rest of the applesauce!  She is such a good big sister and always wants to help me with her.  She like to feed her and lately enjoys trying to dress her.  Peyton doesn't enjoy that activity as much as Callie, so I am sure you can all guess what I am going to hunt for to get for Callie for her birthday!  


Chari said...

So cute! What big girls...both of them! Boys definately don't have that mothering tendancy, that's so funny!