Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ty's Birthday

Well, a few weeks ago Ty turned 19!  He turned his papers in and just received his call to Zimbabwe.  Yes, I am serious.  My little brother is going to the other side of the world to Zimbabwe.  He goes into the MTC on September 17 in South Africa.  It's hard to believe, but I am very proud of him and he is going to be a fantastic missionary!

We wanted to have a picture of Ty with his nieces before he left so we can compare when he gets home how much everyone has changed.  Both the girls love their Uncle Ty and are going to miss him!

Ok, the two pictures above are of the pie we had for Ty's birthday.  We put all 19 candles on and he managed to blow them all out, I think.  Maybe he missed one, I just can't remember.  Anyway, Callie loves to blow out the candles, so we lit a few more for her to blow out also.  She loves Happy Birthdays.  We usually have to sing the Happy Birthday song every day for several days after a birthday.  Ty was a good sport about it-what a sweetie!