Saturday, June 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

So, we went to an Easter Egg hung on Saturday at Callie's friend Sam's Grandma's house. However, me, being the awesome mom that I am, didn't take any pictures. She had a great time and was so funny. They had eggs with candy in them and eggs that were real egg shells with confetti in them for egg fights. Well, she figured out right away which ones had the candy in them and those were the only ones she would pick up. Thanks Susan and Bob, we had a great time at your Easter Egg hunt, and we are so glad that we were invited!!

So, on Sunday, I tried doing an Easter Egg hunt for my sibs and Callie, but the sibs weren't all that interested. We had dinner at our house and they just ate the candy out of the bag that Mom left upstairs. So, Aunt Joan and Molly hid eggs for Callie and helped her find them. She had a lot of fun and loved finding another egg.

Molly, emptying the egg into the basket. Callie insisted upon emptying the loot right away!

"Grandma Joan" helped Callie find all those eggs hidden in the basement. Both of the girls love her. Especially Peyton. She feeds her lots of yummy desserts!