Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kids say the funniest things!

Ok, I have to really watch what I say, because Callie is copying everything I say. The other day she was fixing something and she said, "There you go, perfect." I was laughing, because that is exactly what I say to her when I am doing her hair! A few other popular phrases include:

Ok, stay here, I'll be right back
Shake your booty
Hmmm, how about _______
No, these are dirty
Ok baby, crawl, crawl.....
No thank you (while screaming)
Wipe my bum

She is funny. I love to listen to her squeaky voice! Today she started dancing in the middle of Sherwin-Williams paint store. Yep, she was standing on the stool, shaking her booty and wiggling her body. I am pretty sure all of the customers enjoyed the performance. And Peyton just watches and laughs at her!

Side note, Peyton is a crawling machine! She can scoot along pretty much everywhere, and she also enjoys climbing the stairs already. She is actually pretty good and can even manuever down one or two stairs if she is reaching for her toys. She loves to stand there on the stairs and then bounce up and down, and she just laughs and laughs. We are loving her and her good natured spirit!