Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Tricycle Episode.

Last summer we bought Callie a tricycle at a garage sale for $2.50.  A bargain, right?  Well, she really didn't know how to ride it last summer, so it mostly sat in our garage.  Then a couple of weeks ago, she discovered it again and hopped on for a ride.  Ryan and Callie cruised down the street and back for a very short ride which took a very long time.  So, the next morning we decided to go for a walk to Sam's house to visit.  Well, we were going to go in the stroller until Callie spotted her tricycle, which she calls a bicycle.  She insisted upon riding it, refusing to get into the stroller.  So, we started walking, me pushing the stroller, Peyton riding in the stroller and Callie on her tricycle which she just figured out the night before how to ride.  Sam's house is about 3/4 mile away and we were progressing very slowly.  So, after 20-30 minutes, Pines was in sight.  I set my goal to make it there and then we were calling it quits!  Callie would hardly push the pedals, so imagine this picture.  I am bent over pushing Callie on her tricycle with one hand and pushing the double stroller with the other hand with Peyton in it.  I was wearing a bit of a low cut shirt, since when I got dressed, I had no idea I would be hunched over showing the world everything.  I looked absolutely ridiculous!  We finally made it to Pines and Skyview and I told Callie if she wanted to see Sam, she had to get in the stroller.  Well, she was tired too, so she climbed in the stroller and I ditched the trike in someone's yard, then crossed my fingers that it would still be there when we got back.  We walked to Sam's house and the girls got to play for a while, then we walked back.  The whole time I am just hoping the stroller is still there, because it was such a bargain and I really didn't want to have to buy a new one.  Thankfully, it was still sitting there.  So, Callie promptly climbed out of the stroller to begin the long trek home.  Yup, it's about 4 blocks, but it feels so much further.  Anyway, we are moving along and one of the neighbors is outside doing a little yard work and Callie just stares at her.  She waved at Callie and Callie just sat there and stared back at her while she was riding along.  Oh my goodness.  We finally made it home, which in and of itself was a miracle.  

Since then, with all the practicing she has gotten on the tricycle, she has become quite adept at riding along.  A couple of days ago she managed to ride about 3 blocks all on her own, without stopping and managing to steer while still pushing the pedals, a real multi-tasker!  She looks really cute riding along and is having a lot of fun!