Sunday, January 31, 2010

Riverfront Park

So my mom called and asked if the girls and I wanted to walk with them around Riverfront Park on Saturday. I thought that would be fun, and it kept the house quiet for Ryan so he could sleep, since this is his weekend to work, so he is super exhausted. Anyway, we had a lot of fun. It was a little cool, but not too bad, especially considering it is January! So, we walked across the bridge to check out what the falls were like.

Callie loved it. The waterfalls were pretty cool.
Peyton didn't.
Grandpa tried to cheer her up. She stopped screaming, but she wan't happy until we got off that bridge! So, we kept walking around, then we went to the big wagon and there a zillion ducks there. Not really a zillion, but lots. And geese. Really big ones. I think with this warm winter we have had, they have been eating well this winter. But you would think they were starving the way they swarmed my dad.
Callie helped him for a couple of minutes, but she got scared because the ducks chased her a little. I can't blame her, I stayed several feet back from them myself. They were a little scary! So then we played on the big red wagon and rode down the slide. It was fun. Again, Callie loved it, and so did Peyton, but I rode down with her.
We also played at the little playground down there, which the girls had a lot of fun doing. Overall, it was quite fun and Callie said a dozen times throughout the rest of the day, I had fun at the park mom, it was so fun. Totally worth it!

Beds optional?

So, when I was coming upstairs to go to bed tonight, look what I found: Yup, apparantly the floor is more comfortable than the bed. Which she does have one of. It is just empty. So, I took a picture and left her there. Bad move? Not sure. I guess she wanted to sleep on the ground tonight. That blanket what my mom's when she was small. She lets Callie use it, but I know she is showing her love, because I think she really wants it back. Thanks Mom, Callie really does love that blanket!
This weekend Callie has been exploring her sleeping options. Friday night, Ryan was getting ready to leave for work and he came downstairs and said, "did you know Callie is sleeping in our bed. She is on your side. And her baby is on my side." Yes, you read correctly. Callie and her baby took over my bed. Sad. Sure enough, I came and checked out the situation, and Callie was all curled up and tucked in on my side of the bed, and her little baby was tucked in on Ry's side. It was cute. But I still scooched her over to her Daddy's side and crawled in.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Walmart anyone.

I did something I dread almost as much as the dentist yesterday. I took the girls to Wal-Mart. Plus, it was almost lunchtime. Root canal anyone? So we are making the rounds, outside wall first, get my fresh stuff, meat, dairy etc. and things are going ok, could be better, could be worse and then we start into the middle. Hmm, I can sense things going downhill. So, this nice couple walks past us as I am asking the girls to please be nice and Callie quit squishing the groceries and seriously Peyton, do you have to drop the sour cream on the floor! This couple looks to be in their early to mid forties and they are smiling broadly and I am sure as soon as I go by, laughing at our ridiculousness. Next aisle. Oh, listen, Callie is singing. She changes between the chorus of Follow the Prophet and P-L-U-T-O (think BINGO only with PLUTO). And here comes the same couple. Again. This time, I swear they are laughing, so I said, I know you are jealous and they said THEY WERE!!!! Their kids were all grown, tell you what, I would of swapped that nice neat unsquished grocery cart for my disaster any day, but I think if given the offer, they probably would have kept theirs. See, they don't actually want their own kids small again, they wanted grandkids. So, I wish grandkids for them soon, my parents love them. Of course, thats because they don't take the girls to Wal-Mart. Last time my mom was with us, she left with the kids in tow and just went home. Can't blame her one bit! Final grocery inventory was one squished tomato, one opened carton of sour cream, mashed bread, two rolls of wrapping paper used as light sabers and one very frazzled mom. So yes, our trip was followed by Wendy's chicken nuggets and a nap!

Monkey at the table

Amidst the dinner drama with Callie, my little PeyPey is sitting in her blue booster seat chowing down on her fries, with a lot of hamburger in front of her. Because she LOVES to eat. Seriously. I would guess that she spends 75% of her day eating. Everything. Its incredible, she is like a machine and then her stomach starts sticking out really far and she is just so cute. Anyway, back to dinner. So, she is stuffing her face and I am trying to get her to eat some hamburger, which she usually loves, but she won't eat it. She keeps reaching across the kitchen for something doing her grunting/talking thing. Lots of grunting, no actually talking, unfortunately. Well, I have no clue what she wants, so I keep offering hamburger. No go. So, I finally really look around the kitchen and what do I see. Her monkey. Its this really cute black stuffed monkey that the favorite aunt Jane gave her for Christmas that Peyton carries around everywhere, she loves it. A lot. So, I pick up the monkey and hand it to her. She starts grinning and gives it all sorts of loves and then proceeds to stuff handfuls of hamburger in her mouth. Literally, stuffing by the fistful. Loved it. Apparently, she just wanted a little company as she ate!

Mean Mom

It's official. I am a mean mom. We have a lot of trouble with Callie and her eating habits. Or lack there of. She doesn't eat very much and she is super picky. And it bugs me. Seriously, its food, it's good, it's healthy, just eat it! So, the other night I fixed hamburger pie, I was feeling really lazy that particular evening, so I scooped a small portion onto Callie's plate and told her she had to take three bites, because she is three years old. What do you know, she wouldn't eat it, as usual. So, I told her she could eat it or go to bed. It was 6:00. Pretty early still. However, that stubborn little creature chose to go to bed. She fell asleep on the floor and woke up around 10:30 wanting a story, etc. So, I told her she wouldn't eat her dinner, so she had to go back to bed and she didn't get a story. Yes, mean, I know. So, then last night, we had hamburgers. I again put a small piece on her plate with a few french fries. She dove for the french fries, but then I stopped her. No french fries or juice until she ate her hamburger. Oh, the look I received. A proud moment for a mean mom. So, after about five to eight minutes of faces and coughing and choking and gagging, and you get the picture, she manages to force that piece of hamburger down her throat and move onto her french fries and juice. I am wondering, how long is this drama going to continue? Unfortunately, I am forecasting many YEARS of drama with my little princess.

Time, how it flies

As I have been scoping out everyone else's blog, I decided to quit being a loser and actually post a few things on my own blog. I kept waiting, because I was sure that I needed to catch up on the last six months, but I decided instead, I will just pick up where I am right now, otherwise I would do nothing. Not good.