Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beds optional?

So, when I was coming upstairs to go to bed tonight, look what I found: Yup, apparantly the floor is more comfortable than the bed. Which she does have one of. It is just empty. So, I took a picture and left her there. Bad move? Not sure. I guess she wanted to sleep on the ground tonight. That blanket what my mom's when she was small. She lets Callie use it, but I know she is showing her love, because I think she really wants it back. Thanks Mom, Callie really does love that blanket!
This weekend Callie has been exploring her sleeping options. Friday night, Ryan was getting ready to leave for work and he came downstairs and said, "did you know Callie is sleeping in our bed. She is on your side. And her baby is on my side." Yes, you read correctly. Callie and her baby took over my bed. Sad. Sure enough, I came and checked out the situation, and Callie was all curled up and tucked in on my side of the bed, and her little baby was tucked in on Ry's side. It was cute. But I still scooched her over to her Daddy's side and crawled in.