Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mean Mom

It's official. I am a mean mom. We have a lot of trouble with Callie and her eating habits. Or lack there of. She doesn't eat very much and she is super picky. And it bugs me. Seriously, its food, it's good, it's healthy, just eat it! So, the other night I fixed hamburger pie, I was feeling really lazy that particular evening, so I scooped a small portion onto Callie's plate and told her she had to take three bites, because she is three years old. What do you know, she wouldn't eat it, as usual. So, I told her she could eat it or go to bed. It was 6:00. Pretty early still. However, that stubborn little creature chose to go to bed. She fell asleep on the floor and woke up around 10:30 wanting a story, etc. So, I told her she wouldn't eat her dinner, so she had to go back to bed and she didn't get a story. Yes, mean, I know. So, then last night, we had hamburgers. I again put a small piece on her plate with a few french fries. She dove for the french fries, but then I stopped her. No french fries or juice until she ate her hamburger. Oh, the look I received. A proud moment for a mean mom. So, after about five to eight minutes of faces and coughing and choking and gagging, and you get the picture, she manages to force that piece of hamburger down her throat and move onto her french fries and juice. I am wondering, how long is this drama going to continue? Unfortunately, I am forecasting many YEARS of drama with my little princess.