Thursday, January 14, 2010

Walmart anyone.

I did something I dread almost as much as the dentist yesterday. I took the girls to Wal-Mart. Plus, it was almost lunchtime. Root canal anyone? So we are making the rounds, outside wall first, get my fresh stuff, meat, dairy etc. and things are going ok, could be better, could be worse and then we start into the middle. Hmm, I can sense things going downhill. So, this nice couple walks past us as I am asking the girls to please be nice and Callie quit squishing the groceries and seriously Peyton, do you have to drop the sour cream on the floor! This couple looks to be in their early to mid forties and they are smiling broadly and I am sure as soon as I go by, laughing at our ridiculousness. Next aisle. Oh, listen, Callie is singing. She changes between the chorus of Follow the Prophet and P-L-U-T-O (think BINGO only with PLUTO). And here comes the same couple. Again. This time, I swear they are laughing, so I said, I know you are jealous and they said THEY WERE!!!! Their kids were all grown, tell you what, I would of swapped that nice neat unsquished grocery cart for my disaster any day, but I think if given the offer, they probably would have kept theirs. See, they don't actually want their own kids small again, they wanted grandkids. So, I wish grandkids for them soon, my parents love them. Of course, thats because they don't take the girls to Wal-Mart. Last time my mom was with us, she left with the kids in tow and just went home. Can't blame her one bit! Final grocery inventory was one squished tomato, one opened carton of sour cream, mashed bread, two rolls of wrapping paper used as light sabers and one very frazzled mom. So yes, our trip was followed by Wendy's chicken nuggets and a nap!


Heather said...

hahaha what no bites into the cheese or hotdogs??? lol thats what my kids use to fact I think that jaynee took a bite out of the bread once too will get better I promise, just wait until they learn how to ask for everything!!! lol