Sunday, January 31, 2010

Riverfront Park

So my mom called and asked if the girls and I wanted to walk with them around Riverfront Park on Saturday. I thought that would be fun, and it kept the house quiet for Ryan so he could sleep, since this is his weekend to work, so he is super exhausted. Anyway, we had a lot of fun. It was a little cool, but not too bad, especially considering it is January! So, we walked across the bridge to check out what the falls were like.

Callie loved it. The waterfalls were pretty cool.
Peyton didn't.
Grandpa tried to cheer her up. She stopped screaming, but she wan't happy until we got off that bridge! So, we kept walking around, then we went to the big wagon and there a zillion ducks there. Not really a zillion, but lots. And geese. Really big ones. I think with this warm winter we have had, they have been eating well this winter. But you would think they were starving the way they swarmed my dad.
Callie helped him for a couple of minutes, but she got scared because the ducks chased her a little. I can't blame her, I stayed several feet back from them myself. They were a little scary! So then we played on the big red wagon and rode down the slide. It was fun. Again, Callie loved it, and so did Peyton, but I rode down with her.
We also played at the little playground down there, which the girls had a lot of fun doing. Overall, it was quite fun and Callie said a dozen times throughout the rest of the day, I had fun at the park mom, it was so fun. Totally worth it!


The Wright Stuff said...

Poor Peyton! My sister (who just turned 40), is still scared to death of bridges. She like holds her breath whenever she has to drive over one! LOL Hopefully Peyton will grow out of it. Or at least not be as spazzy as my sister is! :)