Sunday, December 21, 2008


Oh my goodness, I am not sure if I have ever seen so much snow! Well, I know I have never seen so much fall at one time, since we set an all time record!!! So, I love the snow, I just wish that we were a little more mobile. Yup, the snow started Wednesday, and we finally got plowed out Saturday night at 11 p.m. I stood in the driveway in anticipation of finally seeing a snow plow. Then it snowed again. Oh well, I know that we will have a beautiful white Christmas this year and I love having snow on Christmas. Ryan stayed home on Thursday and Friday due to us being snowed in and most of the people that he works with were in similar situations, so his store just stayed closed for those two days. It was fun to spend time together, and Ryan took Callie outside to play in the snow while I stayed inside, where it was warm, with Peyton.

Yes, her favorite thing to do was eat the snow. She also took her bucket and shovel and played like it was sand.

She wasn't a big fan of her hood, even though it was sooooo cold outside.

Yea, Ryan buried her in the snow and she thought that was so much fun. There is just so much!

We tried taking some pictures that showed just how much there was, however, it is unbelievable unless you actually see it in person! We love winter here in the Northwest!!

Christmas Preparation

So, I wasn't great about taking very many pictures, but Callie had so much fun putting up the Christmas tree this year. We have a fake tree, so she was handing me each and every branch after Ryan gave it to her, so we put them in the right order. So, then I hung up the lights and then it was ornament time. So, she loved that and was helping me put some "high" and some "low." We have some stars and so we had to hang all of them and then she found these icicle type ornaments that I wasn't going to hang, but she thought they were flutes, so she would "play" the flute and then we had to hang each of those too. It was so cute, I loved it. That night she went to bed and we left the lights on the tree and the next morning when I got up she was standing in front of the tree and had taken down several of the ornaments so that she could hang them again! It was really sweet. She also loves our fisher price nativity. Mostly she likes to push the button on the top that sings the son, but sometimes she also plays with the people, I think next year she will like the nativity more to actually play with. Christmas has been a little more fun with her this year. She still doesn't understand everything, but she understands more and gets so excited about the different things that we do!
I am so excited to celebrate the holidays with our family and celebrate the birth of our Savior. We are so blessed this time of year and I hope that we can keep the spirit with us all through the year. I am grateful for the freedom I have to worship as I please, I am grateful for a Savior that came to this earth for me and each one of us. I am so grateful for an amazing family that supports and loves me. My husband is incredible and my girls help teach me every day. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday and truly feel the spirit of Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TV Head

So, Callie is a TV Head, truly, she loves it more than anything I think, particularly Little Einsteins. So yesterday I was working on the Christmas project that had quite a deadline, so I let her watch to her hearts content. She watched the same Little Einsteins episode over and over again, the monster one. She has the entire episode memorized, I kid you not! She sings the high and low notes, truly, one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed, and sings along with Annie. She loves Annie's song so much, that she sings it whenever and wherever, with a microphone, which can be anything, crayon, magnet, pen, etc. So, she is watching tv all morning and she decided to make herself a little more comfortable.

Yup, she pulled the middle cushion out and made herself a little bed, what a goof, but a cute one!

She is very intent, do not disturb!

Coming soon will be the world's newest smurf, just waiting on pics, boy, you will all be grateful that it wasn't your child!

Cute Girls!

So I haven't posted any new pics of the girls and this post has no purpose but to post a new picture, cuz i think they are adorable! Except when Callie screams. Not so adorable. So indulge me, I have cute kids! She just took a bath and has her usual wild hair. If only she would keep it in a ponytail!!!
These sisters LOVE each other!!!! Callie loves Peyton and is so helpful!

She is the happiest, smiliest baby ever, I just want to gobble her up!


Thanks Ash, made me think a little!
4 Random Things About My Husband:
-He loves gadgets, any kind
-He is super laid back,
-He gave me the closet in our room and didn't complain when I put his clothes in the coat closet in the hall-what a sweetie!!!!
-He works so hard for our family and is a great dad!
4 Movies That I Could Watch More Than Once:
-Steel Magnolias
-Harry Potter (any of them)
-The Saint
-Sleeping Beauty
4 TV Shows That I Watch:
-Greys Anatomy
-Law and Order
-Amazing Race
4 Places I Have Been:
4 Favorite Foods:
-CANDY-any kind really!
-french fries (hence the pregnancy weight gain!)
4 Places I Would Like To Visit:
-New York City
-Washington D.C.
4 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Year:
-CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! I love the season!!!!!!!Everyone is so happy and I LOVE TO SHOP!
-My sister coming tomorrow!
-My brothers coming home for the school break
-watching my cute girls grow to love each other more
I want to Tag:
Lisa Farman

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok, so I had a fabulous time at Twilight last night. The movie was cute, of course, not as good as the book, I am usually a little disappointed when I have absolutely loved the book and then I watch the movie, but I enjoyed it anyway! It was so fun to go to the midnight showing with my girlfriends, thanks ladies, I had a great time! I am a little tired this morning, but not as much as I thought I would be, especially since my lovely girls love me so much they wanted to spend quality time together as early as possible, so I am cruising on just a few hours of sleep, ya know, like 3 maybe. Oh yeah, and I had the opportunity to take Molly to school this morning. Yipee! Anyway, had so much fun, Liz threw a great party.

Friday, October 31, 2008


So, Callie has a catch phrase. Yup, "Oh, Man!" She says it all the time now! Her first time saying it was on Saturday. My mom was here and she was downstairs with both of the girls and Callie had a waterbottle and it fell, so she watched the water spill out of it and just said, "Oh, man!" Since that incident she says it all the time! It is so funny, I guess she picked it up from me, although I didn't realize I said it that much, but in her little voice with this real inflection at the end, the first time I heard her say it, I laughed my head off. I am sure as she continues talking more, there should be more exciting words to come!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ok, so thanks to my awesome friends, I am now the proud owner of a double stroller! Thanks to everyone, that was the sweetest gift, and I really appreciate it. I went and picked out the one that I want and Ryan being the awesome dad that he is, put it together for us on Saturday.

I love our stroller and so does Callie. After she got in, when it wasn't quite put together yet, she wouldn't get out! She loved it so much and then she made us hurry and put Peyton in the front. We were in the basement, so Ryan and I had to carry the stroller with the girls in it up the stairs and out because Callie was not getting out. So we decided to go for a walk and I thought we could go over to the church and watch Molly play volleyball. Well, by the time we actually made it there, she had finished and already left the church, but nonetheless we had a fabulous time and again, we love our stroller! Now, I just have to hope that Callie will continue to love the stroller and stay in it, instead of feeling the need to get down and run all around, like a crazy person!

30 pounds!

Well, if you had been spying through my basement window for the last 45 minutes you would have seen me throwing my body all around the room in an attempt to get excercise and lose some weight. You see, my beloved little Peyton was so sweet to give me the craving for Zip's fries on a regular basis as she was cooking in the oven, so 50 pounds later here I am paying for those fattening albeit delicious fries. So, I am down 20, thanks to actually giving birth, but I have a persistent 30 more pounds to go, so I am giving you all an idea of the great lengths I am going to return to my normal body. His name is Tony Horton. Yes, beach body workouts are my friend or foe. Tony forces me to kick, punch, do yoga, hop, lift my knees and other fairly entertaining moves. But, he promises a beach body in 90 days. Hmmm, I am just not sure it's going to work, so in addition I am running my little heart out. Yup, Chari and I are meeting in the morning to get a move on. So, my 30 pounds is not going to be staring me in the face forever, I am going to lose it and I want to run the SLC half marathon in April.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, things are going well in the Christensen household, well, at this moment, Callie is in timeout for throwing the camera on the ground, so she isn't doing so well, but overall, we are loving our new baby. I will bore you all with a few of our family anectodes, because I want to remember them later, but lets face it, I think these things are so cute but the only reason I remember them now is because I wrote them on a post it on the fridge. Pathetic, I know. So, into cyberspace they go.

We absolutely love our new baby and her and Callie are so cute. If Peyton starts to fuss, Callie has to go find her and see what she can do, that usually involves taking her pacifier and looking at her or patting her. She loves to give her kisses, but she puckers her lips and hovers over head until you say its ok to kiss, I love it! It's really cute to see them, Callie wants to play with Peyton and I think they will be friends. Oh, and Callie loves to give her high fives, it's great, except when she does it when the baby is sleeping, not so great.

Ok, so Callie is not the best talker, she makes upwords for most things which only resemble the real word. So a couple of weeks ago the girls and I were sitting in the living room and Callie goes to the window and starts YELLING Apa, Apa, Apa. So, I have no idea what she is yelling about, so I look out the window and I see my parents, well, Apa is her word for Grandpa, it was so cute, IU think my dad really liked it! So now we are teaching her to call my mom GG, because she doen't say Grandma. Later that night, we were all in the living room, and Callie starts to sing her primary songs which she loves! Book of Mormon Stories and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes are her favorites. So, she sings Head and Shoulders, only she does it super fast and she pretty much just touches her face all over and then bursts out laughing, it was so funny! So, she does this quite a big now because she loves to perform for an audience and especially get a reaction!

Well, our little family is doing well, we are looking forward to Peyton's blessing on the 12th with a visit from Ryan's family and my brothers and sister coming home for the weekend! Here are some more pictures of the girls!
Look at that hair! Help me! My child looks like such a ragamuffin! Some of you do such cute hair, I need your secrets!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Here are some pictures of our new baby. Peyton is perfect, she is a very good baby and Callie is being a good big sister!

The miracle of life. Ryan and I are so blessed to have Peyton in our family now!

Ryan and my mom enjoying Peyton

Callie is helping Peyton with her binkie, unfortunately, I think it is backwards.

Abby and her girls!
Ryan and Peyton!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Baby

Well, I don't have the pics yet, but I wanted to announce that we have a new member of the family! Peyton Jane Christensen was born September 8 at 11:03 p.m. She was 6lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long. She is absolutely beautiful and is such a good baby so far. She sleeps a lot and when she is awake, she mostly just looks at you and lays there. Callie didn't hate her, she just kept saying baby and tried to give Peyton her binkie, but was sticking it in backwards and then taking it away again real quick. But overall, the reaction was much better than I was expecting. We will see how it goes after day 1! I am feeling pretty good so far, very happy to be home! Pics will be up soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well, Ryan and I did a silly thing on Saturday. We went to Silverwood. Now, one might think, gee, that sounds like a lot of fun. I haven't been to Silverwood in years, so, we went with my family for one last outing before Ty left for school. Yeah, should have rethought that decision. We took Callie. For those of you who have ears probably know that I was a fool. Yes, I am sure most of the several thousand people at Silverwood heard us at some point during the day. It was an utter disaster. Nothing was what she wanted, and then when she was finally happy, something would go wrong, like her trying to steal someone else's ball. Yup, that really did happen. She wasn't a big fan of waiting in line, which I can understand, who is, but seriously, like three minutes isn't that big of a deal, however, my broken ear drums prove otherwise. So, what did most people see? A hugely pregnant chick carrying around a screaming child, I looked ridiculous.
Thankfully there were a few saving moments. She loved the log ride, until my dad sprayed us, ya know, when you plug in the quarter and you can spray whoever is in front of the water gun thing. Yeah, none of us liked that so much, but the rest of the ride was fabulous. And she LOVED the little kid ferris wheel. Oh man, she just laughed, absolutely loved it. Then she screamed when it stopped because she didn't want to get off. The first time, the girl unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door for her to get out and she just closed the door and sat back down. Hmmm, I think she might be a little independent. Anyway, I guess I am glad we went, I am not sure yet, however, we will not be returning with her for several years and next time I don't want to be pregnant. I like roller coasters and obviously, they discourage them when you are two weeks away from giving birth! I have now documented this expedition for all to read, and to serve as a forever reminder why we don't do certain activities, but rather, wait until the kids are just a little bigger!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I have been meaning to add some pictures here, so here is a smattering of what I have. We have had a fun summer and done a lot of great things!

We had a lot of fun picking strawberries at Greenbluff in June. Callie and I went with Grandma Hansen. It took Callie a few minutes to realize that she really liked the strawberries, so she would pick them out of the box and bring them to me to take the stem off and sit down and eat them. She loved it!

We really enjoy going to Millwood Park, it has tons of toys to play on, the most important is the swing followed closely by the merry go round. Plus, it has a little wading pool to cool off in. Callie will play in the pool for a few minutes then make the rounds at the toys. It's tiring for me, but she absolutely loves going to the park.

Callie also loves to play outside, climb on anything, ride her tricycle, which she doesn't really ride, but its funny to watch anyway! For her birthday, a few months early, she got a big swingset in the backyard from Ryan and I and her grandparents on both sides. She "helped" Ryan put it together and he got some more help from Beau and Ty, who were good sports about it. So, when it was done, Beau was nice enough to push her on the teeter totter thing. The higher, the better, she thinks it's great and she has no fear!

Hmm, I have no idea what they were doing, but I don't think Callie was having as much fun as Ryan!

This was Easter morning, Callie was just getting revved up on sugar.