Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Preparation

So, I wasn't great about taking very many pictures, but Callie had so much fun putting up the Christmas tree this year. We have a fake tree, so she was handing me each and every branch after Ryan gave it to her, so we put them in the right order. So, then I hung up the lights and then it was ornament time. So, she loved that and was helping me put some "high" and some "low." We have some stars and so we had to hang all of them and then she found these icicle type ornaments that I wasn't going to hang, but she thought they were flutes, so she would "play" the flute and then we had to hang each of those too. It was so cute, I loved it. That night she went to bed and we left the lights on the tree and the next morning when I got up she was standing in front of the tree and had taken down several of the ornaments so that she could hang them again! It was really sweet. She also loves our fisher price nativity. Mostly she likes to push the button on the top that sings the son, but sometimes she also plays with the people, I think next year she will like the nativity more to actually play with. Christmas has been a little more fun with her this year. She still doesn't understand everything, but she understands more and gets so excited about the different things that we do!
I am so excited to celebrate the holidays with our family and celebrate the birth of our Savior. We are so blessed this time of year and I hope that we can keep the spirit with us all through the year. I am grateful for the freedom I have to worship as I please, I am grateful for a Savior that came to this earth for me and each one of us. I am so grateful for an amazing family that supports and loves me. My husband is incredible and my girls help teach me every day. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday and truly feel the spirit of Christmas!