Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanks Ash, made me think a little!
4 Random Things About My Husband:
-He loves gadgets, any kind
-He is super laid back,
-He gave me the closet in our room and didn't complain when I put his clothes in the coat closet in the hall-what a sweetie!!!!
-He works so hard for our family and is a great dad!
4 Movies That I Could Watch More Than Once:
-Steel Magnolias
-Harry Potter (any of them)
-The Saint
-Sleeping Beauty
4 TV Shows That I Watch:
-Greys Anatomy
-Law and Order
-Amazing Race
4 Places I Have Been:
4 Favorite Foods:
-CANDY-any kind really!
-french fries (hence the pregnancy weight gain!)
4 Places I Would Like To Visit:
-New York City
-Washington D.C.
4 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Year:
-CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! I love the season!!!!!!!Everyone is so happy and I LOVE TO SHOP!
-My sister coming tomorrow!
-My brothers coming home for the school break
-watching my cute girls grow to love each other more
I want to Tag:
Lisa Farman


Heather said...

YOU WATCH BONES???? LOL I freaking love bones. Most people I talk to have never even heard of it!!!! Oh I knew you were awesome!!!!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

I am so jeliousn you have been to the Carribean! I want to go so bad! Was it beautiful? I BET! I wanna see pics! :)