Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monkey at the table

Amidst the dinner drama with Callie, my little PeyPey is sitting in her blue booster seat chowing down on her fries, with a lot of hamburger in front of her. Because she LOVES to eat. Seriously. I would guess that she spends 75% of her day eating. Everything. Its incredible, she is like a machine and then her stomach starts sticking out really far and she is just so cute. Anyway, back to dinner. So, she is stuffing her face and I am trying to get her to eat some hamburger, which she usually loves, but she won't eat it. She keeps reaching across the kitchen for something doing her grunting/talking thing. Lots of grunting, no actually talking, unfortunately. Well, I have no clue what she wants, so I keep offering hamburger. No go. So, I finally really look around the kitchen and what do I see. Her monkey. Its this really cute black stuffed monkey that the favorite aunt Jane gave her for Christmas that Peyton carries around everywhere, she loves it. A lot. So, I pick up the monkey and hand it to her. She starts grinning and gives it all sorts of loves and then proceeds to stuff handfuls of hamburger in her mouth. Literally, stuffing by the fistful. Loved it. Apparently, she just wanted a little company as she ate!