Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yes, I am pathetic. I haven't blogged in over two months. For those family members that I know are not very happy about that, I apologize. Ok, I will catch everyone up and post some pics.

Yes, Callie is pottytrained!!!!!!!! It was a pain, but after looking back on the experience, it could have been waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy worse. So, she still wears a diaper at night, because I am too cheap to buy pull-ups, and sometimes during her day time nap, it depends on how much she had to drink at lunch. Going potty is still quite the process, for some reason, she feels the need to get undressed, as in take off her panties and pants all the way. I don't understand it. Plus, she still struggles getting dressed again, so basically, she is naked a lot!!!

Ok, the girls just looked so cute in their matching outfits, but they wouldn't cooperate while taking the pictures. So, I had to settle. But, I still think they look darn cute!

Ok, again, I just have really cute kids! And Callie was actually smiling, at the camera. It's a miracle!