Thursday, January 22, 2009


Me and the girls, Callie loves her Einstein phone from Grandma and Grandpa C.

Callie wearing sunglasses, as usual. With her new shoes from Christmas that are still a little big.

Callie in the bathtub covered in diaper ointment. She climbed into the crib and got it, thinking that it was lotion.

Peyton, her first time with the rice cereal. She isn't sure what to think quite yet.

Callie and Peyton with their cute sister shirts! Thanks Grandma!!

Callie playing in Peyton's swing. If only she had liked the swing this much when she was a baby!

Callie hanging out with Aunt Molly. They are best buds!

Gigi and Papa at Christmas with the girls. Molly found the Santa hat for Callie to wear.

Peyton has the prettiest smile! Callie loves tv.

Callie and Peyton hanging out on the recliner, they LOVE each other!


Chari said...

Cute pictures! The new background looks great too!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

You girls are so cute!!!!