Sunday, May 15, 2011

Utah Trip

My mom went to women's conference with her sisters, so the kids and I bummed a ride and spent the week with Jane in Salt Lake City. We decided to take the van, in case any of us did some shopping. Hahaha. So, we spent Tuesday with mom before she headed to Provo and did some shopping. On Wednesday the kids, Jane and I went to Temple Square and looked around. It was quite fun and very beautiful. We saw a couple getting married, and the Peyton yelled, "princess!" Thursday we went down to IKEA and I got some much needed shelving then we went to Thanksgiving Point and went to the Dinosauer Museum. Wow, the kids had a ball. It was such a cool place to take kids and they had a lot of fun. On Friday, Joe watched the kids and Jane and I got to hang out for a few hours just us. THANKS JOE!! He went way above and beyond the uncle duties, and I was so appreciative of it. I really needed a little break. Saturday morning Joe and I ran a 5K his running store was sponsoring and Jane stayed with the kids. We ran in the snow, which was depressing considering it was April 30, but still fun and I got free socks and a free t-shirt! Then we packed up the car and waited for mom to arrive. Then we packed her stuff and, oh my. That is all I can say.

Side View without kids

I took this picture from the front passenger seat. Ryan's comment was, he loved how Callie was straining to see over the tsunami of purchases.

The trip was fun, a nice little break for me, having some help with the kids for the week and they girls love their Aunt Jane! And, I love my shelving from IKEA, so the cramped journey back was worth it!