Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Crew

So, I wanted to post a few pictures from the last little while. My friend Chari printed her blog into books and they look so great, so I am hoping to gain a little ambition so that I can have those cool books of my own!

Connor always such a happy little guy!! These little mittens are great!

The girls don't ever want to go to bed at night, or at naptimes, but playing sleep during the day in the living room is a favorite game. Go figure.

PeyPey loves hat. And looks so cute!

I took the picture of Peyton and Callie was a little jealous, so she donned the sunglasses and struck a pose.

What can I say, he's cute!

Is someone a little whiny?

Before the snow came, when we had springlike conditions, the kids and I were fooled into believing that wonderful weather was soon to be here. Wrong. However, they did enjoy the bikes for a few days!

I have such pretty princesses! The dress set from Gigi for Christmas gets a lot of wear!!

Callie loves to take pictures and she insisted on taking one of us. As you can see, I look ravishing this fine morning and Peyton is equally thrilled about getting her picture taken. Connor: who knows what he thinks about his crazy sisters.

Since Daddy is gone, the girls and I have a little more girlie time. So, we painted nails. This is an event normally reserved for Aunt Jane, but Mommy got suckered in this time.

I know, another one of just him. Believe it or not, I actually didn't post several, dozens. :)

If you are wondering, hmm, is she missing her pants? You would be correct. My delightful and stubborn Pey is not wearing pants because she is POTTY TRAINING!! And yes, she is pretty much good, we haven't had an accident in a while and she does all her business in the toilet. Is there celebrating at the Christensen home? YES THERE IS!!! My little Peyton has done great, we pretty much had the whole thing nailed down within a week. We leave the house with confidence and without fear or trepidation about how many panties we will soak while gone. Yahoo!!!!

So, we got this bouncer in California for Connor, and he did ok with it while we were there, but the real use has come from Peyton, who considers it her own personal recliner. Yes, she is watching TV and yes, she has no pants. Again, the potty training. She does great, just doesn't always put pants back on, but there is no need to get picky! We just like to model Dora panties at our house!

Ever since we got back from California in January, Callie wants to share a bed with Peyton, instead of her top bunk. But aren't they cute. Even though they fight, they are the best sisters and really do love each other.

Every princess deserves an oreo.

I flat ironed her hair and I think it looks so pretty. She has such pretty long hair and she loves it like that!

I know, enough already. But he is so cute!! And such a chunk. My little man is weighing in just shy of 20 lbs at 5 months. I see football in our future.....

Thanks for obliging me in the bragging of my children. Can't help, I think they are pretty great.
A little update on everyone:

Ryan: In Boise working toward his LPN, he is doing great, getting A's and really working hard. He just found a job, so that is a bonus and he gets to come home and visit on Friday!! We are so excited to see him!!!!

Abby: Staying home with the three crazies. I still work at Shopko pharmacy once a month and I was babysitting, but it proved to be a little more than I could handle. I still work in YW and love it.

Callie: She started pre-school last September and absolutely loves it!! She goes to Ms. Rita and Ms. Kara and is doing so well. She plays with her good friend Madden quite a bit, they love to have playdates. For some reason she is quite concerned about getting married, so I told her that she needed to find someone to love, and she said, "I love Madden!" Well, we loved Madden too, but then I told her she needed to wait until she was big like Aunt Molly. So, that delayed the marriage talk for a whole day. Gee, can't wait until she's 16 :) She takes dances classes and quite likes them and actually does pretty good. She concentrates and really tries to follow the moves. She loves being a big sister and loves to help me take care of Connor. Her best quote as of late was when she spent the night at Gigi's house and found the candy dish and she said to my mom, "Peyton deserves two treats because she went potty in the toilet. I deserve two treats because I smiled." Love it.

Peyton: Is two and half. Truly. She wants to do everything that Callie does and be big like her. The first time we dropped Callie off at school after being gone in California, Peyton didn't say anything, but I looked at her and she just had tears running down her face. She loves Callie but at the same time knows just what to do to make her really angry. She is recently potty trained and I am so proud of her. She LOVES Dora. A lot. She also loves to dress up in the princess dresses and play with the tea set. When I do my exercise videos, she is right there with me, trying her hardest to do the exercises too. She is a bit of a mischeif maker sometimes, ok, a lot. The other day, she inhaled seven of the ten packages of fruit snacks she had snuck out of the pantry. And she cut her hair. In the front. Bummer, huh. Oh well, it is growing out. She didn't talk at all until after Connor was born, but now, she never stops! I can't believe I was so concerned.

Connor: My little man is a very good baby, he gives the best smiles and has such a happy disposition. He loves the girls and he loves to be around the commotion. He actually gets the most upset when it is all quiet, because he loves the noise. He is growing like crazy and has started eating solid foods, well, baby food, and pretty much eats what I give him. Love him!

We are a crazy house, but it's a good crazy, usually. Blessed to have such a wonderful family!


Chari said...

So cute! I loved all the pictures and updates! It was fun having you guys over, it'd been WAAAAAY too long! We'll do it again, soon :-)