Saturday, March 26, 2011

Smile Kitty

Last weekend, my mom watched the kids while I worked. So, we went out on Friday night and spent the night. When we got there, Peyton of course, wanted to chase after the kitty. So, my mom, being the good sport that she is, helped Peyton get the cat and helped her hold it and pet it, etc. See, her mommy hates cats and won't do that for her. However, getting back on point, so, the cat ran away and then Peyton managed to catch it again, and she was standing on the sidewalk and she looked just like my little brother Ty did at around the same age when he had finally caught one of the cats. So, I of course, ran for my camera and said, "smile!" So Peyton said, "smile, kitty!" Oh my goodness, I about peed my pants I was laughing so hard. So, after the photo session and the kitty smiling for the camera, Peyton and Callie went and helped Gigi feed the cats.

It's nice the girls get to enjoy time with the cats and Gigi and Papa's house, because their mother refuses to own them!!